The current society has been constantly influenced by the culture of ancient gods such as the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Nordics. These civilizations, with their politics, their language, their religion, along with their science and literature, have established the basic pillars on which history has been built. However, our current and modern society has also conceived representations of “new gods” which are not exact personifications of the ancient gods people already know.


These “new gods” are venerated by a society in a constant process of transformation where there is a presence of huge idolatry coming from people in consistent growth. Therefore, people entail their beliefs into the adoration of different social representations such as consumerism, technology, money, beauty, and more. This in order, perhaps, to look for acceptance and perfection in an era that steadily evolves, where people continually follow approval and standings in the society  adapting to what the modern world increasingly imposes everyday.

The purpose we want to reach with this contrast is that all participants could understand and know about the most important gods of different mythologies, this  in order for them to construct a new kind of modern gods based on the referents that the actual society demands. Thus, there will be a series activities that intent to bring the classic and modern myths closer, citing the names of the most important deities of the mythology lore, its main attributes, some works in which they are represented and other characteristics that will help learners to understand better where do civilization comes from and where is it going.

This webquest is aimed to help B1 / B2  learners to learn/practice English in a different and fun way.